SOLOY Helicopters LLC
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SMS and Quality Assurance


We have developed our own in-house Safety Management, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Systems tailored to the unique challenges of the flight operations we conduct.

Photo courtesy the  Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman

Photo courtesy the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman


Utilizing industry standards and customer input we have been able to create a fully-integrated Safety Management System that provides all the benefits of a fully-integrated program with fewer operating restrictions and unnecessary burdens. Our program is controlled by a full-time SMS director who oversees a company-wide safety management team including all management personnel and the company president.

Our program utilizes full system-wide audits, form and manual controls, incident and safety tracking and quality assurance and control components. We utilize company developed risk assessments for all of our flights and training. Our SMS tracking includes anonymous non-punitive safety reporting ability and incident and near-miss tracking.

We conduct daily company safety briefings for all personnel and quarterly safety management team meetings to review, discuss and plan safety reports and risk reduction strategies.


We have years of experience working within our customers existing safety programs and aviation risk management standards. We have adapted to many more restrictive safety systems including:

  • International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) - Aviation Management Guidelines

  • Basic Aviation Risk Standards (BARS)

  • ISNetworld

  • OAS/USFS Contracting and Compliance

  • And many more individual customer risk standards and procedures



Quality assurance and control

Our quality assurance and control programs provide additional safety measures and tracking systems within our maintenance and parts departments. Our robust control and assurance programs create systematic redundancies for tracking and auditing all aspects of our helicopter maintenance. From tool shadowing to technical publication control to digital inventory management, we have ensured that all of our maintenance is performed at the highest level of safety and redundancy.

In addition, we employ a full-time technical records manager who tracks, maintains and audits all of our aircraft records to ensure compliance and accuracy. All of these safety systems come together to provide an industry-leading comprehensive safety system that we are proud to have built for our operations.