Welcome to Soloy Helicopters

We have been providing helicopter services in Alaska and the lower 48 for over 30 years. Today operating out of Wasilla, Alaska with a fleet of 17 helicopters and a Cessna 206 support plane. The helicopters consist of AS350B3e’s, AS350SD2’s with Honeywell conversions, AS350BA, Hughes 500D’s, BK117B2’s and Bell 205A1++’s. Soloy Helicopters supplies support for mining and oil exploration, specializing in precision long line work including core and seismic drills. Soloy employs 24 pilots and 18 mechanics.

With decades of experience with precision long line work and remote operations, we are able to get your job done safely and efficiently year after year.

Helicopter Services

  • Mapping / Surveying

Power Line construction, maintenance, and patrol

External Loads-Precision Long Line

Helicopter/vessel/icebreaker operations

Wildlife Survey/Capture

OAS Qualified Pilots

Aircraft Mineral exploration

Drill Moves & Support

Airborne Geophysics

Oil & Gas Exploration

Environmental studies support

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